The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 160


A Really Important Person (10)

He first went into the bedroom. It was absolutely empty; the person he wanted to find wasn’t there. He closed the room door, and pushed open the door of the study which no one besides him would enter.

It was also empty.

He then irritably took off his suit coat, carelessly threw it into the next room, pulling on his necktie while walking to the end of the corridor.

When Gu Yusheng had almost reached the sunroom, through the bright glass, he saw Qin Zhiai, crouched, in the middle of pruning flowers with clippers (scissors).

Gu Yusheng’s pace slowed for a second, and then he took two quick large strides forward and abruptly pushed open the door of the sunroom.

The door opened without any warning, causing Qin Zhiai who was pruning to jump with fright. Her hand slipped and she cut of the head?? of a brilliant red rose (snipped a rose).

As Gu Yusheng only ever came home once in blue moon, Qin Zhiai thought that the housekeeper had come bustling upstairs to find her for some matter. Staring at the scattering petals, her brows knitted. She turned her head around to look at the door while saying in a reproachful tone, “What’s so urgent that…”

Qin Zhiai had only said four words when Gu Yusheng’s face it entered her vision along the stream/ray of sunlight (note: Gu Yusheng is standing along/facing the path of sunlight streaming in through the sunroom’s glass windows).

Her words suddenly choked up in her throat. She stared dumbly at Gu Yusheng for a while. Qin Zhiai’s brain was a blank space for a few seconds, and soon after she noticed that his complexion did not look good, and there seemed to be a faintly ticking air of anger between his brow and eyes. Qin Zhiai had experienced him blowing up with anger at her too many times; her body unconsciously stiffened, and she unconsciously tightened her grip on the scissors.

Why did he suddenly come back? He also looks like he’s really angry, it can’t be that Grandpa…

Qin Zhiai trembled lightly inside; her entire person unconsciously became very vigilant/alert and wariness crept up into her eyes.

He stared at her, not saying anything for a long time.

The atmosphere in the sunroom became a bit silted/deadlocked. Qin Zhiai bit her lip with unease. Because she wanted to break this awkwardness, she didn’t think it over much before blurting out, “Why… have you suddenly come back?”

This was his house, don’t tell him that he needed a reason to come back to his own home?

Gu Yusheng’s eyes faintly darkened, merely feeling that his anger was so big there was nowhere to release it (outlet). In the end, he laughed in anger. Staring at Qin Zhiai, he scoffed twice and blurted out without thinking, he blurted out, “What? It’s my house, why can’t I come back? Who do you want to come back? Lu Bancheng?”

His words were simply unfathomable. What did this have to do with Lu Bancheng? (why did he suddenly bring up Lu Bancheng?)

Even though Qin Zhiai was completely confused, she could still clearly sense that after the man laughed, the air his body was emitting was becoming more and more scarily icy-cold.

Her intuition told her that if she stayed here any longer, she would definitely suffer a calamity. She put the clippers down on top of the small stool on the side, stood up, inwardly deliberated on what to say, before saying to Gu Yusheng, “Does the housekeeper know that you’re back yet? I’ll go downstairs to tell her and get her to prepare dinner for you.”

As? she spoke?, she quickly lowered her head and headed towards the door.

Seeing her reaction, Gu Yusheng, who was standing at the doorway while leisurely leaning against the door, straightened his body.

Ignoring that fact that her expression became so alienated as soon as she saw him, now she’s even wanting to randomly find an excuse to avoid him? How come she doesn’t avoid Lu Bancheng like this?

Gu Yusheng felt that he was truly going to blow his top. He unexpectedly laughed again, even smiling as he said to her, “Yo, because I’m not Lu Bancheng you’re in such a rush to leave?”


And that’s the last of my translations of The Adonis Next Door. Really sorry that the last chapters are unedited.

As mentioned in the post Qidian International have picked it up under a new name: Back Then I Adored You, which can be found here:

Thank you for reading 🙂



  1. sad. sorry this happened, maybe we can see you at a different project.
    thank you for translating the story thus far, im sure there are a lot of readers out there who really appreciate and are thankful for your efforts!

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  2. Thank you so much for translating this far. And just in case please don’t think you wasted time on this, you made you’re readers happy and on top of that you let everyone know you’re an amazing translator.

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  3. Thank you for everything you have done so far for this novel. It has been a long and enjoyable ride and I am happy that I found this blog as I think it is the one that I stuck with for the longest. 😀 I’ll still be around for “how to say I love you” but it is still kinda sad to not be able to read this novel on your site. See ya buddy and good luck on your future endeavours!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading. Your comments never failed to cheer me up. I’ll try to release the next chapter of How To Say I Love You soon.
      I’m still deliberating on whether to pick up this other BL novel: angst and the ML is a scumbag million times worse than Gu Yusheng. I really liked it but I can already guess how unpopular it’s going to be…

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      1. plz can you continue to translate it .i know you must be having ur i own reasons but plz finish what u have started . on wednovel they are posting it very slowly it’s very irritating. i have read all 160 chapters from your website and now I am really excited to read further but can’t find any chapter. plz it’s a humble request.. if not possible can you suggest me a great novel to kill my time until they post the other chapter of this novel.

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        1. Thank you so much for translation dear translator. I hope you will continue it 😊💙 huhu can’t wait to read more chapters. But still thank you so much😊😘💙 lovelots!! 😘😘😘💙


          1. I’m terribly sorry, I don’t plan to translate any more chapters of this novel. Webnovel will catch up soon, and I don’t want to get any DCMA from webnovel.
            They’re about 120 chapters behind, releasing at a rate of 3 a day which means that they’ll catch up in forty days which isn’t a long wait.

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  4. Thanks for the translations translator-sama!! I will always be grateful to you for sticking to this story!! Hope to read more of your translations soon! 😢😢

    Thanks for the chapter as always!!! Love you!! 💖💓💋💋💋💓💝💟💝💗💞💓💕💘💖💔💟💞💗💓💘💘😍😍😘😘😘

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  5. Ohhhhh im soo sad and sorry 😭😭😭 thank you for your hard work i hope you all the best and i wish we will see you in an other novel transilation , we really love your work sooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭 good luck !!!

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  6. Hah! no rest for the wicked.Qidian might get a tummy ache from all of the free translation novels they have taken into their web novel program. Thanks again for the translations.

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    1. Hopefully Qidian won’t make it pay to read like they have with some other novels. People will have to be smart and show enough interest in the novel so it continues to be translated but not too much interest or else they’ll stick it behind a paywall.

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  7. dear mr/ms translator would you continue your work, I badly want to end this novel and move on to another.
    but, thank you for translating this novel so far, it’s been a long and wild journey.


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