The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 159


A Really Important Person (9)

Breathing unstably, he stared at the phone screen, after thinking for a moment, he deleted those three words, and replaced it with, “Where are you?”

The person on the other end must have been taken aback by those three words, and took a long while to finally reply, “I’m at home…”

The second Gu Yusheng saw those words, without any intention of replying, he suddenly slammed his laptop shut, stood up while holding it, and was about to walk off when the phone received yet another text, “What wrong?”

What’s wrong? He hadn’t even replied to her text, yet she still sent Lan Bancheng another one? She wanted to talk to Lu Bancheng that much? (Was she so desperate to exchange a few more words with Lu Bancheng?)

Gu Yusheng seethingly charged towards the door holding his laptop. When he was almost at the door, he finally remembered that he was still holding onto Lu Bancheng’s phone.

He’s practically become muddled from anger because of that woman!

Gu Yusheng angrily turned around, and violently threw Lu Bancheng’s phone onto the sofa. He kicked off his slippers and changed into his leather shoes.

He directly pushed the door without even tying his laces. He was about to walk out, but for some reason he remembered that before Lu Bancheng went upstairs, Lu Bancheng had told that woman, “I’ll call you back when I’m done.”

Oh, still want to get in touch through phone?

Gu Yusheng paused and then placed his laptop on the shoe shelf at the entrance. Without even changing his shoes, strode back to the front of the sofa, picked up Lu Bancheng’s phone, found Liang Doukou’s phone number, stared at it for a while and then pressed edit, and randomly changed the last number “4” to “7”.

You want to call back, then go ahead and call. Go on and ring some random stranger’s number, shitty Lu Bancheng!

Gu Yusheng was about to throw the phone back onto the sofa again but suddenly seemed to realise something. He opened the SMS app (opened up SMS), and replied to “Liang Doukou”, “Busy, call you back later.”

He then waited for “Liang Doukou” to reply. After receiving her “OK” half a minute later, without saying anything else, Gu Yusheng deleted their entire SMS correspondence.

The number Lu Bancheng has saved is wrong, and you’re still “OK”? Ok, your sister, let’s see whether you’ll be able to receive a call!

It was only after that that Gu Yusheng’s anger receded a little. He threw Lu Bancheng’s phone onto the sofa, shook his sleeve and left.

When the car drove into the courtyard, the housekeeper was in the middle of watering flowers.

She put down the watering can with slight astonishment and stood up. When she was going to see who had arrived, she saw the back door of the car suddenly open, and Gu Yusheng got out, his face cloudy.

Wh-Why is Mr Gu back? And he even came back in a taxi… The housekeeper stood stunned for a long while before snapping out of it, hastily greeting him, “Mr Gu”.

Gu Yusheng looked like he didn’t hear her. He threw the taxi driver a red note ($100), and walked into the house, one hand carrying his laptop.

The housekeeper immediately followed after him, and helped get slippers for Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng changed into slippers and entered the living room. He dumped the laptop heavily onto the coffee table. The housekeeper was so frightened she trembled and instinctively shrank back two steps.

Gu Yusheng swept a glance over the living room. Not seeing that woman anywhere, he turned to ask the housekeeper, “Where’s miss?”

“Miss is upstairs…”

Before the housekeeper could finish her sentence, Gu Yusheng had already disappeared around the corner of the stairs. He first went into the bedroom. It was absolutely empty; the person he wanted to find wasn’t there. He closed the room door, and pushed open the door of the study which no one besides him would enter.





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