The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 158


A Really Important Person (8)

“It’s like this, do you remember that drama you invested in at the beginning of the year, 《Lost Winds of the Magnificent Tang》? Just recently, I don’t know what problems the production team came across, but they altered the script, my scenes have been cut down a lot, and there are some scenes that are also not that appropriate… If filming starts with the way it is now, the discrepancy between the conditions of what I had agreed with when I first signed the contract is too big, I tried to talk with the production team, but it didn’t work out (they won’t hear it). You hold the main decision making authority for this drama, could you help me try to have a talk with the production team?”

If Liang Doukou was handling this matter, Qin Zhiai thought, she would definitely directly tell Lu Bancheng that Lin Yi stole her scenes, and demand him to snatch it back for her!

But, in the end, she wasn’t Liang Doukou, when she talked to Lu Bancheng for real, she used an slightly implicit way to express what she meant. (expressed her meaning/what she wanted to say in a slightly more implicit way).

Despite this, after sending out the text, Qin Zhiai felt very apologetic and ashamed. She held her phone tightly, her face burning slightly as she pondered for a while, and then she sent Lu Bancheng another text. “Sorry to bother you with this, I’ll invite you to eat some later date.”


The text “Liang Doukou” sent this time was a bit long. When Gu Yusheng finished reading once, the air between his brow had turned a bit cold.

The corners of his mouth tightened slightly. Staring at the screen, he read the text from beginning to end, word by word, phrase by phrase one more time, as if he was verifying something, even specially reading aloud every word in the message.

Gu Yusheng’s expression turned uglier and uglier as he read. When he reached the last word, the expression on his face was as cold as the glaciers in the North Pole. The light in the depths of his eyes was a gloomy thick sharp layer of ice.

She had encountered some work related problem which she couldn’t solve by herself, so she went to find Lu Bancheng for help?

She didn’t go finding him, but went to find Lu Bancheng? Was she blind, or did she look down on him, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to take care of a small matter like this?

The scene of her scooping soup for Lu Bancheng, and also talking and smiling at him when he went over to eat at the villa suddenly flashed across Gu Yusheng’s brain, as well as her thanking Lu Bancheng when he helped her up. (Also, when Lu Bancheng helped her up, she happily thanked him) As for Gu Yusheng? As soon as he touches her, she’d act like a mouse that’s seen a cat, wishing strongly that she could vanish in a wisp of smoke!

Gu Yusheng chest suddenly started heaving. An insuppressible surge of rage continued to bubble/soar/swell upwards from the bottom of his heart.

Just as he wanted to close his eyes and take two deep breaths, the phone received a new text message on the screen.

“Sorry to bother you with this, I’ll invite you to eat some later date.”

Eat, she was also inviting Lu Bancheng out to eat?

Those words were like a flame instantly painfully burning Gu Yusheng’s nerves. He was so angry he even had thoughts of wanting to throttle that girl on the other end of the phone. His grip on the phone gradually grew tighter and tighter, flesh digging so hard into the phone his palm was in extreme pain/the edges of the phone painfully digging into his palm. However, he didn’t seem to be able to feel it, the only thing left circling in his brain was: “Liang Doukou” will go to find Lu Bancheng when she has a problem but won’t go to find him, and even wants to invite Lu Bancheng out to eat…

It was unknown how long Gu Yusheng remained deadlocked in this gloomy and cold state, when the phone in his hand vibrated again. He slowly lowered his head, and saw that there was yet another new message on the screen from her: “Can you?”

The hell he can! Without thinking Gu Yusheng lifted the smartphone up high and violently tapped in three words, “In your dreams!”

After he finished typing, Gu Yusheng was about to press send but then suddenly stopped.




  1. Lol, I don’t really care about how sweet he gets in the future, but to the him right now needs a punch in the face and some lessons on how to treat a girl properly.

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