The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 112


Forgetting Is The Greatest Cruelty (2)

This time, Gu Yusheng didn’t speak for a long time.

After around one minute, Wu Hao finally spoke again. “I’m talking about Qin Zhiai, you don’t have any impression of her? That Qin Zhiai who, during high school, was by my wife’s side all day long and hung out with us?”

Gu Yusheng was still silent. Qin Zhiai heard the crisp sound of a lighter snapping open, and after a while, Gu Yusheng’s cool and indifferent voice drifted into her ears, “No impression.”

“No impression?” Wu Hao’s voice started sounding a bit anxious. “She wouldn’t be considered that tall, she was skinny, her hair was really long, skin really white, eyes especially big. At that time, my desk-mate was also a bit interested in her…”

“Oi, don’t tell me you really can’t remember her? You two met quite a lot of times. She was a soft-spoken girl, and was a lot better looking than your wife…”

“Ah…” Gu Yusheng suddenly gave a light chuckle, a hint of mocking in his voice, “Who would be like you and remember insignificant old history so clearly for no reason?”

Insignificant old history… Qin Zhiai’s body uncontrollably swayed.

So it turns out, those former days that she had considered to be inconceivably beautiful even up until now, to him, was nothing more than a period of insignificant old history.

Qin Zhiai felt as if something had clogged up her throat, making it incomparably painful to breathe.

She worked hard to act as normal but her sight was gradually clouded by a layer of mist.

He didn’t remember her. He truly didn’t remember her… Wu Hao described her in so much detail, but he still didn’t remember her…

Qin Zhiai no longer had the courage to walk out of the dining room. Carrying the teapot, she fell back one step, and then heard Gu Yusheng speak again. He appeared to have a cigarette in his mouth, his voice was a bit slurred, and his tone sounded a bit flippant, “Your wife’s best friend or whatever, did she ever pursue me? Or pester me?”

“Get lost, you wish! She never pursued you, or pestered you.”

“Really?” Gu Yusheng slowly blew out a smoke ring and lightly laughed twice in half-disbelief. He dismissed lightly, “Then it’s no wonder I don’t remember her.”

It’s no wonder I don’t remember her… Qin Zhiai’s hand trembled, and the tea pot slipped off the tray and smashed into pieces on the ground, producing a clear brittle, shattering sound.

“What just broke?” Lu Bancheng had sharp ears, and was first to notice.

Qin Zhiai finally realised that she had still lost her composure in the end. She hastily crouched down to tidy up the mess.

Her heart was in pain, and she was in too much of a rush, and accidentally sliced a small gash on her finger on a piece of the broken china.

Qin Zhiai’s arm flinched lightly from the subtle pain. She then heard Lu Bancheng’s voice from behind her. “What happened? Shattered a teapot? You weren’t scalded, were you?

Lu Bancheng asked several questions in a row before he finally noticed the small gash on Qin Zhi Ai’s finger, “Ah! You got cut?”

Following Lu Bancheng’s cry of alarm, Gu Yusheng, who had entered the dining room almost together with him, locked his eyes onto Qin Zhiai’s fingertip.

Translated by Violent Fluffball With Legs


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  1. Now, hopefully that will hope put a stop on her delusional thoughts about him and as soon as possible gets out of his proximity and never come near him ever again….Thanks for this chapter.

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