The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 111


Forgetting Is The Greatest Cruelty (1)

Qin Zhiai’s body trembled with fear, and she instinctively turned around to look at Gu Yusheng. The expression on his face was dark to the extreme, and his eyebrows and eyes was both icy and cold.

Lu Bancheng looked blankly and dumbly at Gu Yusheng for a while. Then, without thinking, he asked, “What’s wrong…”

He had only said out those two words, when Wu Hao viciously kicked his leg underneath the table. “Shit, Haizi, you wanna die, what’d you kick me for…” Lu Bancheng said in pain while turning to glare angrily at Wu Hao.

He discovered that Wu Hao was winking at him and halted the words in his mouth. He turned his head around to look at Gu Yusheng and then looked at Qin Zhiai. He seemed to have come to a realisation, and obediently shut his mouth at once.

The atmosphere at the dining table seemed a bit stifling.

Unable to endure this kind of suffocating atmosphere, Lu Ban Cheng secretly nudged Wu Hao with his arm. Wu Hao understood his hint, moved his eyes around, cleared his throat twice and then said, “Xiao Kou, Sheng-ge’s soup bowl is empty.”

“Oh.” Qin Zhiai replied distractedly. Probably because Gu Yusheng’s complexion had frightened her to the point that she was in an overly apprehensive state, even after a while she still didn’t realise what Wu Hao was trying to hint at.

Gu Yusheng used the corner of his eye to watch her still unmoving figure for a few seconds. His mouth suddenly stretched taut and he turned his head to glare at her furiously. He then kicked away his chair, and abruptly left with a dark face.

Now that Gu Yusheng had left, Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao didn’t dare to linger there any longer. The two wolfed down and finished their food, and one after the other, stood up and left.

Qin Zhiai was the only person remaining at the table. She sat there blankly for a while, before snapping out of her reverie.

She ducked her head, and unhurriedly finished off the food in her bowl before tidying up the big table of leftovers.

After Qin Zhiai finished washing the dishes, she grabbed a cleaning cloth, and while she was wiping the table, she heard Lu Ban Cheng’s voice coming from the living room.

So they haven’t left yet……

She held the cloth in her hand, contemplated for a few seconds, and then opened the cupboard on the side. She took out a tea set, brewed a pot of tea, and headed towards the dining room door while carrying the teapot.

She pulled open the dining room door. The voices of the three men in the living room became a lot clearer.

Carrying the teapot, Qin Zhiai was just about to step out of the dining room doors when she heard Wu Hao say, “Sheng-ge?”

Two seconds later, Gu Yusheng disinterestedly replied, “Hm?”

Hearing him respond, Wu Hao immediately continued, “Have you noticed that your wife looks a bit like my wife’s best friend?”

Wu Hao’s wife, was in fact Qin Zhiai’s best friend Xu Wennuan. They weren’t married yet, but Wu Hao had liked calling Xu Wennuan his wife since high school.

Qi Zhiai’s back stiffened slightly. She suddenly stopped her steps.

She knew that eavesdropping on other people’s conversations was morally wrong but she still pricked her ears to listen.

Because these past few years, she wanted to know more than anyone else:  In the end, did Gu Yusheng remember Qin Zhiai or not?




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