The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 110


Her Eyes Are Seriously Goddamn Alluring (10)

Qin Zhi Ai entered the kitchen. With her back facing the dining room, she was about to reach a hand out behind her back to close the door when she heard a heavy ‘bang’ behind her. Even though she didn’t turn her head, she knew that the sound was caused by Gu Yu Sheng slamming the wine bottle onto the table. He was probably not in really good mood. He dragged the chair out quite violently. The chair legs chaffed against the floorboard, causing an ear-piercing, jarring sound.

When Qin Zhi Ai returned to the dinner table carrying out the pot of soup, Gu Yu Sheng was in the middle of pouring wine.

He acted as if she was an invisible person, not sparing her a single glance. It was only Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao who warmly told her to stop working and hurry and sit down to eat.

As Gu Yu Sheng was present, when speaking to Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao, Qin Zhi Ai’s speaking didn’t have the tranquillity and calm it had when she was talking to them before Gu Yu Sheng arrived. She lifted her head, gave the two a gentle smile, softly said, “OK,” and then lowered her eyes and started ladling out the soup.

Qin Zhi Ai scooped four bowls of soup. She first passed a bowl each to Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao, and then carried a soup over to hand over to Gu Yu Sheng.

Unlike Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao who accepted the bowl halfway when she passed the bowl to them, it was like Gu Yu Sheng didn’t see it at all. Even when Qin Zhi Ai held out the bowl in front of him, he still didn’t pay any heed.

Qin Zhi Ai secretly aimed a glance at Gu Yu Sheng and discovered that there seemed to be a slight chill at his brow ridge. She knew that this was a sign that he was not happy. In order to avoid provoking his anger Qin Zhi Ai lightly placed the bowl on the table in front of him, and without saying a single word, she quickly withdrew her hands, and went to sit on her own seat.

She didn’t know if she was imagining things, or if she was being oversensitive because he had exploded at her too many times, Qin Zhi Ai felt that the pressure coming from the Gu Yu Sheng at this dining table, had become even lower.

Fortunately, Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao were present. The two chatted animatedly about random topics and Gu Yu Sheng would occasionally add in a few words. Although that input only amounted to a handful of words, the mood at the dining table wasn’t stiff or awkward so Qin Zhi Ai didn’t have the nervousness and cautiousness she had whenever she faced Gu Yu Sheng alone.

It was all talk about matters concerning the men themselves. Qin Zhi Ai sat at the table, silently eating; she was so quiet that it was almost as if she didn’t exist.

Halfway through the meal, when Wu Hao reached out his chopsticks to pick food from a dish in front Qin Zhi Ai, as the dining table was too wide, he couldn’t pick it up. Seeing this, Qin Zhi Ai kindly used her own chopsticks to get it for Wu Hao.

Lu Ban Cheng saw this scene, and immediately held out his plate, “Xiao Kou, I want that too.”

After Qin Zhi Ai helped pick the dish into Lu Ban Cheng’s plate, she saw that his soup bowl was already empty and casually asked, “Do you want more soup?”

Without any restraint, Lu Ban Cheng passed her his bowl. Qin Zhi Ai scooped soup for him and scooped another bowl of soup for Wu Hao on the way as well.

She put down the ladle and right after she picked up her own chopsticks again, Lu Ban Cheng, who had just drank a mouthful of soup, lavishly praised, “Xiao Kou, I never knew you were so good at cooking. From the looks of it, I should come over regularly to sponge a meal.”

Qin Zhi Ai was naturally happy that there was someone who liked her food. She raised her head, and gave him a brilliant smile. “Okay, you can come over whenever you like. Tell me beforehand what you want to eat, I’ll……”

Before Qin Zhi Ai managed to finish her sentence, Gu Yu Sheng, who hadn’t uttered a word for a long time, all of a sudden violently threw down his chopsticks onto the table.




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