The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love – Chapter 109


Her Eyes Are Seriously Goddamn Alluring (9)

That was Gu Yu Sheng’s car.

Qin Zhi Ai’s fingertips trembled, and she forgot to release Wu Hao’s hand.

Thankfully, Wu Hao’s attention had been diverted by the incoming car, and didn’t detect her subtle reaction. “Sheng-ge’s arrived?”

It was only then that Qin Zhi Ai recovered her senses. She hastily withdrew her hand and then saw Gu Yu Sheng push open the car door and get out.

As he was locking the car with his keys, he asked bewilderedly, “Why haven’t you guys gone in? What are you standing at the entrance for?”

“We just arrived,” Lu Ban Cheng answered.

Gu Yu Sheng didn’t say any more. When he walked to the front door and saw Qin Zhi Ai, who was in the middle of bending over to take out slippers from the shoe cupboard, he slightly froze, and after a second of hesitation, he asked, puzzled, “Where’s the housekeeper?”

Qin Zhi Ai was in the middle of placing the slippers in front of Gu Yu Sheng. Her movements stilled for a second, and without raising her head to look at Gu Yu Sheng, she quietly replied, “Something came up, so she gave me a call and requested a day off.”

“What? The housekeeper’s away? Then what’re we going to eat for lunch?” Wu Hao asked, joining the conversation.

Gu Yu Sheng brows knitted, and he was about to say, “We’ll eat out,” when Lu Ban Cheng, who had already changed into slippers, walked two steps into the house, sucked in two deep breaths, and said, “Something smells really nice.”

Immediately after he said those words, Wu Hao sniffed the air too, and then looked at Qin Zhi Ai, “Are you cooking right now?”

Qin Zhi Ai lightly nodded and then pointed at the kitchen. “I’ll go have a look,” she said and headed to the kitchen.

Lu Ban Cheng decided he wouldn’t stand on ceremony anymore and called out to Qin Zhi Ai from behind, “Perfect timing, Xiao Kou, help cook food for the three of us too.”

Qin Zhi Ai subconsciously looked at Gu Yu Sheng’s face, saw that his expression didn’t have any signs of displeasure, and only then did she agree with an “Oh,” and entered the kitchen.

Because there were an extra three men to feed, Qin Zhi Ai prepared a lot of dishes. When there was only one pot of soup and one vegetable dish left to finish cooking, she walked out of the dining room to call them to eat.

Gu Yu Sheng was the only person in the living room. Wu Hao and Lu Ban Cheng had gone to who knows where.

The TV was on with the volume turned down really low. He was holding a cigarette between his fingers with one hand, while his other hand was holding his phone and he was looking at something.

Qin Zhi Ai didn’t approach him. Standing at distance, she said in a low voice, “The food is ready now.”

Gu Yu Sheng calmly took a puff of his cigarette, before raising his eyelids to look at her.

The expression in his eyes was really indifferent. He didn’t give her a reply either. He merely half-heartedly put away his phone, stood up, walked to the door of the recreation room, lifted his hand, knocked the door twice, and then simply tossed out two words to Wu Hao and Lu Ban Cheng who were inside the room, “Eat lunch.”

Lu Ban Cheng and Wu Hao entered the dining room and sat down at the dining table. Then, without waiting for Gu Yu Sheng to arrive, and without the slightest bit of restraint, the two started digging in.

When the two saw Qin Zhi Ai carry the vegetable dish out of the kitchen, they immediately started praising her.

“Xiao Kou, I never knew you were so good at cooking.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good, it’s better than those five star restaurants.”

Qin Zhi Ai felt a bit embarrassed by their generous praise. She smiled lightly, and said warmly, “If you two like it, then eat up.”

Just when she finished talking, Gu Yu Sheng entered the dining room. There was a glass of wine in his hand.

The smile on Qin Zhi Ai’s face vanished on a conditioned reflex. She carelessly placed the vegetable dish on the table, didn’t look at Gu Yu Sheng and said quietly, “I’ll go check up on the soup.” After that, she hastily turned around and left.




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