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Old Status Updates Dump: March – April

The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love
Chapter 109 – 01/03/2018
Chapter 110 – 01/03/2018
Chapter 111 – 10/03/2018
Chapter 112 – 15/03/2018

23/04/2018 – Sorry for disappearing for a while. I’ve uploaded chapters 141-145 (Edited). Please DO NOT add chapters 141-145 to NovelUpdates. I will be adding them a few days later.

25/03/2018 – So, someone has added the unedited chapters to NovelUpdates. This makes things kind of messy as I know that some people have been waiting for the chapters to be edited before reading. To tell you the truth, chapters 21+ are actually edited. It’s just that I didn’t want people to accidentally add the chapters to NovelUpdates before chapters 113-120 were ready.
However, what’s done is done, so I’ve decided to leave the chapters up on NovelUpdates; it also kind of screws things up for the aggregator sites, which is a good thing – I know that the dates are currently scrambled on NovelUpdates, please don’t try to correct as I want to confuse the aggregator sites.
Anyway, I will continue editing the chapters and put some note or date somewhere to indicate which chapters have finally been edited.
I will probably just add the new chapters (135+) onto NovelUpdates whenever they’re released now.
In the future, please don’t add any releases to NovelUpdates. I will add them personally.