How To Say I Love You – Chapter 12


Hard To Fathom A Person’s Mind

In order to avoid disturbing a patient’s rest, Xiu Changyu took Xiao Jiashu away very soon after, and the other big shots also took their leave one after the other. Fang Kun sent the people off at the elevator and started complaining after he came back. “Who exactly is this Xiao Jiashu? He sees Lan-jie, Guo-ge and the others and doesn’t even bother to greet them. He even kept his sunglasses on the entire time, having even bigger airs than Chief Xiu. Just then when he was sitting beside your bed, he didn’t even say even a word of consolation, also had such a stinky look on his face, I really wanted to thrash him. Don’t come if you don’t want come, why come and act so insufferable? The manners of youngsters these days are getting worse and worse!”

Ji Mian took out his phone to have a look, and then said with a sigh, “There are some people who aren’t how they look on the surface. Perhaps the reason he wore sunglasses is because his eyes were swollen from crying, perhaps the reason he didn’t greet people and didn’t speak is because he was in a gloomy mood. Don’t use your own conjecture to carelessly make your judgement about a person. It’s unfair and inaccurate.”

Fang Kun was very surprised. “Yo, why are you speaking up for him? Didn’t you hate this brat?”

Ji Mian wiped his face, and said in a helpless tone, “A’Kun, I’ve gotten old, sometimes I make mistakes.”

“What are you calling old? You’re only thirty two, you still have plenty of time to waste. You’re not a young fresh idol who relies on their age and youth to survive, you survive on your genuine strength and ability, you gain more flavour the older you get. Why do you want to retire from acting so early? With your acting skills, you could still act in movies for ten, twenty more years, no problem at all.” Fang Kun lamented.

“I want settle down, and build a family I can call my own.” After saying those words, Ji Mian expression changed, “You haven’t told Leyang about my car accident, have you?”

Tch, who would tell him? What the fart use would he be coming here? The only he’ll to do is ask a bullload of questions and panic like hell, and make me even more annoyed. If he’s not careful and a reporter catches him on camera, it’s not gonna be a laughing matter. Fang Kun felt extreme contempt in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face. He said indifferently, “I didn’t tell him, he’s still on a field trip in Sichuan.”

Ji Mian thoughtfully looked at him. He said with a nod, “Good, don’t let him know about this, I don’t want him to worry. A’kun, why don’t you like Leyang?”

“When did I not like him? You think too much.” Fang Kun flatly denied. However, in his head he recalled a past incident. When Lin Leyang was still working at the studio, he once carelessly left the financial seal on the table and forgot to lock it back, and the seal ended up being stolen and used. Fang Kun investigated a whole circle of people, but because of Lin Leyang’s relationship with Ji Mian, no one dared to report him. Fang Kun had no choice but to fire the financial chief. It was only afterwards that a female employee, who was quitting, secretly told Fang Kun the truth. Even though there was no proof, and Fang Kun didn’t know whether or was true or not, but from then on Fang Kun developed a bad feeling about Lin Leyang, and kept feeling that Lin Leyang had no sense of responsibility, was a person who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, and wasn’t a good person for a partner.

He was very afraid that Lin Leyang would implicate Ji Mian one day, and would always unconsciously block the two from being together. Nevertheless, whether or not a relationship will last for long was after all a couple’s personal matter; an outsider shouldn’t stick their mouth in. Thus, he restrained himself from bringing it up, to avoid Ji Mian blaming him in the future, saying that he’s trying to drive a wedge between them.

Ji Mian tilted his head, and stared a Fang Kun with an odd expression on his face for a long while. In the end, he sighed, “A’kun, we’ve been friends for so many years, there are some things that you can directly tell me, don’t shut it up inside. Leyang is still young, the way he handles matters is still immature, he’ll grow up in the future. I’ll teach him well.”

“What are you saying? What things are there that we can’t openly discuss with each other?” Fang Kun joked laughingly but inside he thought otherwise. While it was true that friends needed to be honest with each other, when the matter was related to the other person’s lover, it was a different story. He was allowed to not like Lin Leyang, but he absolutely will not criticise the Lin Leyang in front of his good friend. Thinking up to that point, his hostility towards the Young Master Xiao diminished quite a bit. Lin Leyang was twenty four but he was still going to university, Young Master Xiao was only twenty and had already graduated with a Master’s degree, and it was also at a reputed overseas university. You really couldn’t compare the two.

Ji Mian brows knitted slightly. He pretended to inadvertently say, “Leyang’s family circumstances weren’t good, he had to drop out of school to work before graduating from high school. Afterwards, he returned to study at university relying on his own effort and hard work. He is actually not inferior to other people, he just wasn’t given the right environment. He and I have a lot of similar life experiences, so our souls resonate with each other. I’m most relaxed and happy when I’m with him. A’kun, in a person’s lifetime, it’s extremely difficult to find a companion who can make you relax and be at ease. I hope that you can support us.”

Fang Kun smiled awkwardly, and forced himself to joke, “I’ve been supporting you guys all along. Ji’ge, the crash really must have broken your brain, you’re starting act all sentimental now.” After he finished speaking, he started to reflect and wonder if his feelings had been too obvious which let Ji’ge make out something.

Upon timely ending this topic, Ji Mian was silent for a moment and then suddenly spoke, “A’kun, what’s the name of this song?” He immediately started to hum.

“You haven’t heard this song before? It’s 《Still River Bridge》, all people who have a story in their life love listening to it. Fang Kun sighed, “To be honest with you, the first time I heard this song, it made me think of this girl friend of mine who was my first love. My tears ran down like a stream, I practically cried into a dog, I couldn’t stop.”

“Really?” As Ji Mian turned on his phone to download the song, he teased, “I never imagined that you would also have a melancholy and moody moment, I even thought that it was only Xiao Jiashu would cry like that.”

“What about Xiao Jiashu?” As the last part of the sentence was said very lightly, Fang Kun didn’t clearly catch what he said.

“Nothing.” Ji Mian waved his hand, not wanting to elaborate.

At this precise moment, there was a knock on the door. Fang Kun went out to look, and said with surprise, “Jiaer, why are you here?”

Li Jiaer, who had left and come back again, explained quietly, “I heard from Sister Xiao Tao that Ji’ge had a car accident so I came to visit. Don’t worry, Kun’ge, my disguise was very good, none of the journalists noticed.”

“Hurry and come in.” Fang Kun immediately let her in the room. He laughed, “Thanks for your consideration. Ji’ge’s injuries aren’t serious, he just has a slight concussion. He can be discharged after they observe him for a few days.”

Li Jiaer placed her newly bought lilies into the vase on the window sill and put on an act of concern. “I truly jumped from fear when I heard from Sister Xiao Tao about your accident. Ji’ge, it was already one to two o’clock at night, why did you still rush back home? If something truly did happen to you, think about how sad your fans would be. Don’t do this again next time, have enough rest and then go on your way, losing a few hours won’t hurt.”

“Absolutely right! I’ve told him millions of times but he still won’t listen.” Fang Kun joined in with the complaining.

Ji Mian smiled and nodded, but there was searching look in his eyes. He thought for a moment, and purposely brought up, “Jiaer, have you finished discussing the contract with Tiantian Entertainment? Has their new drama started filming yet?”

Li Jiaer’s smile as as sweet as ever. Although, the words out of her mouth were: “We’re still in negotiation, we’ll be done soon. Chief Zhou is a really good person, thank you Ji’ge,” inside she was loaded with complaints. The agency she wanted to sign with most was Crown Age, next was Royal Crown, third was Lucky Water… What was a newly registered small company like Tiantian Entertainment worth? But unfortunately, Crown Age’s chairman Xiu Changyu nowadays didn’t keep female celebrities anymore, and had a strong antipathy towards his own sex scandals. He stomped on anyone who tried to pull connections with him, so she didn’t dare to exceed the bounds. Fortunately, Ji Mian really was as the content on Baidu stated, he was a goody-goody who loved doing charitable deeds. So long as he had a good impression of you, he was willing to give a hand, and that was how she managed to board onto the coattails of Royal Crown Studio.

But she never would have imagined that during the contract signing, Xiao Jiashu would charge in and ruin all her plans. She hated him so much! So much she wished she could eat Xiao Jiashu’s flesh and drink his blood! Furthermore, after she accepted Ji Mian’s help and was introduced to Zhou Nan, she also even started to hate Ji Mian. Zhou Nan’s Tiantian Entertianment was practically an empty shell that had been just put together. They had no resources to speak of, and that so called production team was just a crude theatre group, an outright joke – no actors or actresses, no funds, and you had to provide your own costumes, makeup, and makeup artist…

After having a look at the company and production team, Li Jiaer’s heart had already thoroughly chilled. She was absolutely certain that that drama would become the black history of her career which she will never be able to wash away. What was worse was that the pay was only two hundred thousand! This was telling her to be a beggar! Right now, she could earn more than two hundred thousand from one tour! Just look at the name the director and screenwriter gave the drama, ——《Heartless Crown Prince, Smart Consort》, like a dense retarded wind directly hitting her directly on the face, making her want to retch.

Ji Mian’s status in the entertainment industy was so high, if he truly wanted to help her, would he get her to go to this sort rubbish booth company? What a lover of talent, gentle and willing to help others? That was all bogus! The historical drama that he introduced to her last time was also a big pit. He was actually going to get her to act the most famous slut in history, wasn’t this deliberately ruining her own image? The more Li Jiaer thought, the more hateful she got, but her face was still smiling sweetly. She was not a newcomer that had just entered society, and stupidly let people push her around. Last time she was able to use her mum as an excuse to turn down that history drama, this time she could turn down the contract with Tiantain Entertainment as well.

However, despite turning it down, she also couldn’t offend Ji Mian. After all, there was also a Xiao Jiashu standing on the side like a tiger watching his prey, so she had to find a backer to temporary rely on. With that thought, the rims of Li Jiaer’s eyes reddened slightly, and she said hesitantly, “Ji’ge, Sister Xiao Tao told me that the person who wants to shut me out is Xiao Jiashu. I met him just before, do you know why he wants to block me?”

“Why?” Ji Mian’s complexion was the same as always, but the light in his eyes had already turned icy cold.

“He’s He Yi’s friend. I never expected that He Yi still isn’t willing to let me off even after so many years.” As soon as Li Jiaer finished speaking, Fang Kun said indignantly, “What did you say? Xiao Jiashu is shutting you out because of that? These rich second generations truly are undisciplined and out of control; even after harming someone they still want to kill until nothing is left. They’re f***ing not human…”

“Don’t cuss.” Ji Mian kneaded the space between his eyebrows, and acted as if he was exhausted. “This incident is already over. You don’t need to worry.”

“Is it truly over?” Li Jiaer revealed a fearful look, but her heart was filled with resentment. From the looks of it, what Ji Mian was arranging for her wasn’t help but a harmful trap. He’s the magnificent grand slam film emperor, if he was genuinely trying to help a junior, why would he give such terrible characters to her? One was a prostitute, the other was mental retard, her future would be pretty much ruined after acting in those! She heard Xiao Tao say that he also had two scripts in his hands, one was 《Clear Sky》, the other was 《Apostle》. Both had major directors and both were big productions. If he sincerely wanted to help her, he should be letting her be in those two films!

Li Jiaer’s greed will never be satisfied. If someone is good to her an inch, she will want ten inches, or even a hundred.




  1. Master’s degree at twenty… dayummm. Is this what it takes to be a spoiled second generation kid now? Fang Kun, I don’t think I judge book covers as harsh as you do -u-|||

    Thank you for translating 💕

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  2. Hey snowy buddy, do you know when the next chapter is gonna be posted? Cause I’m really enjoying this novel but there is no new chapters. 😣😭


      1. Hey buddy, it is the 6th. Are you going to update this novel? Just asking because I keep checking to so if it is going to be updated but it never is 😢. If you are going to drop it that is up to you but if you don’t have any plans to update a chapter please tell me. Of course if you are just updating whenever you have to time and and not exsactly droping it because nobody will pick it up but are not actually planning on translating this novel in its entirety that is fine, but could you please tell me? Thanks for everything buddy.


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