How To Say I Love You

How To Say I Love You

爱你怎么说 by Fengliu Shudai (風流書呆)



Warning: This story is BL

Artistic Synopsis:
There are some people you hate at first but end up liking more and more the more you interact with them.
There are some people you love at first, but the more you come to understand that person, the more helpless you feel.

Normal Synopsis:
The Great Film Emperor, Ji Mian thinks that Young Master Xiao Jiashu is an arrogant, poison-mouthed, spoilt, rich snob who exploits his strong background to ruin people’s lives on a whim. But when he somehow obtains the ability to read minds, Ji Mian comes to realise that Xiao Jiashu is probably the most adorable person in the world.

Simple Synopsis:
The main character and male lead film a movie together and then:
MC: ‘I’m secretly in love with you but think you don’t know.’
ML: ‘I know you’re in love with me but I’ll pretend I don’t know and even start preparing to distance myself from you. But then one day I realise that you’re actually not in love with me anymore. Oh no, I’m in love you with now. Don’t go! Let’s be together!”

In short:
This is a story about the rise of the acting-fanatic, Xiao Jiashu, as he silences his haters and wows the world with his magnificence.

Chapter 1 – Back Home
Chapter 2 – Rebellious Turtle
Chapter 3 – Entertainment Circle
Chapter 4 – First Job
Chapter 5 – Hard to Wait On*
Chapter 6 – Poison Mouth*
Chapter 7 – Shut Her Out*
Chapter 8 – Finding Another Way Out
Chapter 9 – Heaven Sent Calamity*
Chapter 10 – Hospital Visit*
Chapter 11 – Memory*
Chapter 12 – Hard To Fathom A Person’s Mind
Chapter 13 – Ungrateful And Treacherous

Unedited chapters are marked with an *