Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita

Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita by Hanagara is a Japanese BL Omegaverse short story from Syosetsu Narou Moonlight Novels that I really liked and so decided to translate. Omegaverse is one of my favourite genres in Japanese Boys Love novels (my other favourite is 非王道).

The title can be translated as “I was wishing for your happiness”, “I wished for your happiness”, “I wished you happiness” – Not sure which one sounds best.

On Wakaba’s wedding day, midway down the aisle, his future husband’s soulmate appeared in front of them.

Tags: Boys Love, Omegaverse, Soulmates, Open Ending

A warning that this has an open ending. The author has said that she might continue it in the future but only after she finishes her current novel. Fingers crossed that she will.

Although this short story doesn’t have anything novel about it, and there are other stories with a similar plot, I really liked how the author wrote it, which made it so much more impactful and heartrending than the other ones I’ve read (note that this is only my personal opinion). I know probably haven’t captured the essence of the story, and if it doesn’t read that well (and if you think, what’s so great about this story?), the fault is all mine.

PS. The author didn’t specify how to read the names so I had to guess it – there’s a chance that they’re all wrong.

Click link: Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita to read.

Edit: Sorry, I romanised the title wrong (really don’t know how I got “Anata”). The tile should be “Kimi” no Shiawase wo Negatteita.



  1. I just found out the author released a part 2 and so far, they published 3 chapters of it. I was wondering if you’ll translate the part 2 as well or if you’re too busy to do so. If you’re too busy to do so, I can pick part 2 up for translation.


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