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How To Say I Love You
Chapter 9 – 28/08/2018
Chapter 10 – 28/08/2018
Chapter 11 – 28/08/2018
Chapter 12 – 12/10/2018 *NEW*

28/08/2018 – Sorry for disappearing again. Uploaded chapters 9-11 of How To Say I Love You. Edit: Finally added chapters 5-11 to novelupdates with date 28/08/2018

The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love
Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160

Adonis Next Door Has Been Picked Up By

As predicted, The Adonis Next Door has been picked up by Qidian International but under a different name: Back Then, I Adored You:

So The Adonis Next Door will now be officially dropped and I will not be releasing any more chapters.

I have quickly uploaded chapters 158-160 which were already translated – I didn’t want to waste anymore time on it so the chapters are unedited and unchecked and will have translation mistakes. Please bear with the random question marks, alternate translations and notes and parentheses.

Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160

Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita

Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita by Hanagara is a Japanese BL Omegaverse short story from Syosetsu Narou Moonlight Novels that I really liked and so decided to translate. Omegaverse is one of my favourite genres in Japanese Boys Love novels (my other favourite is 非王道).

The title can be translated as “I was wishing for your happiness”, “I wished for your happiness”, “I wished you happiness” – Not sure which one sounds best.

On Wakaba’s wedding day, midway down the aisle, his future husband’s soulmate appeared in front of them.

Tags: Boys Love, Omegaverse, Soulmates, Open Ending

A warning that this has an open ending. The author has said that she might continue it in the future but only after she finishes her current novel. Fingers crossed that she will.

Although this short story doesn’t have anything novel about it, and there are other stories with a similar plot, I really liked how the author wrote it, which made it so much more impactful and heartrending than the other ones I’ve read (note that this is only my personal opinion). I know probably haven’t captured the essence of the story, and if it doesn’t read that well (and if you think, what’s so great about this story?), the fault is all mine.

PS. The author didn’t specify how to read the names so I had to guess it – there’s a chance that they’re all wrong.

Click link: Kimi no Shiawase wo Negatteita to read.

Edit: Sorry, I romanised the title wrong (really don’t know how I got “Anata”). The tile should be “Kimi” no Shiawase wo Negatteita.

Announcement: Dropping The Adonis Next Door

After a lot of thought, I have decided to drop The Adonis Next Door. My update frequency hasn’t been too good and I think that there is probably a very high chance that it will be picked up by Qidian. This author seems to be pretty popular with Qidian and their translators – they’re already translating 3 of her novels now (and the translation quality is also really good).

I deeply apologise to all the readers who have been eagerly waiting to read this story. I just don’t want to waste my time on translating something that will probably be translated again in better quality. It will also let me devote more time on translating on How To Say I Love You.

Chapters 156-160 have already been translated so I will finish them off and release them in the next day or so. Chapter 160 will be last chapter I will release of this novel. Edit: Realised how close I was to completing 100 chapters so chapter 165 will be the last chapter I will translate.

My deepest gratitude to all the readers for all the encouragement and support you’ve given me this entire time. Thank you so much.


Old Status Updates Dump: March – April

The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love
Chapter 109 – 01/03/2018
Chapter 110 – 01/03/2018
Chapter 111 – 10/03/2018
Chapter 112 – 15/03/2018

23/04/2018 – Sorry for disappearing for a while. I’ve uploaded chapters 141-145 (Edited). Please DO NOT add chapters 141-145 to NovelUpdates. I will be adding them a few days later.

25/03/2018 – So, someone has added the unedited chapters to NovelUpdates. This makes things kind of messy as I know that some people have been waiting for the chapters to be edited before reading. To tell you the truth, chapters 21+ are actually edited. It’s just that I didn’t want people to accidentally add the chapters to NovelUpdates before chapters 113-120 were ready.
However, what’s done is done, so I’ve decided to leave the chapters up on NovelUpdates; it also kind of screws things up for the aggregator sites, which is a good thing – I know that the dates are currently scrambled on NovelUpdates, please don’t try to correct as I want to confuse the aggregator sites.
Anyway, I will continue editing the chapters and put some note or date somewhere to indicate which chapters have finally been edited.
I will probably just add the new chapters (135+) onto NovelUpdates whenever they’re released now.
In the future, please don’t add any releases to NovelUpdates. I will add them personally.

The Adonis Next Door Manga Adaption

Did anyone know that The Adonis Next Door now has a manga? I’m not sure when it started but there’s around 80 chapters now. Chapter ~130 is around chapter 59 of the manga. You can find the English translation of some chapters on YouTube.


Link here:

My thoughts:

The art is pretty but I think I prefer the novel. Qin Zhiai feels a bit more weak and timid in the manga than I expected. I guess this can’t be helped since you can’t read her thoughts but I wish she would look less weak and sheepish when she’s in front of people that are not Gu Yusheng (I expect her to look timid in front of Gu Yusheng since she’s so scared of him, but she should look stronger in front of other people). Like the scene with Yu Shali, the novel described her as calm and collected, but in the manga she still looks weak ( – I’m thinking it might be a problem with how her character is drawn – the drooping eyes maybe?

Also, I don’t know why, but for some reason, the artist turned the housekeeper into a young lady with glasses.

And Yay! I got the dress described in chapter 115?116? right – the manga version of the dress is a bit more conservative than what is described in the novel though. Really wish I found the manga earlier so I wouldn’t have had to search all over to work out how it was supposed to look like.

Anyway, overall, it is a good adaption and follows the novel very closely so it’s worth checking out. Based on the chapter titles, chapter 80 of the manga is already around chapter 200 of the novel.